We have a cabin!

We will be staying for NYE and leading up to our move into our new apartment! We wanted to get a cabin for Xmas as a mini vacation for the holiday but it turns out we have to vacate this apartment on the 31st and we can’t move into our new and shiny one until the 7th! So we have a cabin out in the wilderness for a week instead!

The funny thing is there’s an outhouse 100ft from the tiny house out in the boonies and according to the weather reports it’s going to snow all week! So I said to Rick…

Fuck that! I’m going to piss in a cup, toss it outside and shit in a bucket and toss that shit out in the woods and run back and forth assuming bears and raccoons will be hungry!

Idk how we will clean that bucket yet….🤣

The hell fuck no I ain’t sitting in a fucking port-o-potty in the snow…!

… When I have a perfectly good dollar store bucket I can use right in front of the TV inside a warm and toasty cabin thank you very much 🤣 I’m claustrophobic especially when it comes to toilets in small fucking spaces 😫. We have wet whipes and we’ll just have to shower at the gym. I’m okay with that because I’m not so dirty that I need to shower every day. The cabin was the cheapest stay I could afford that would allow our cats.

Erik roared with laughter in my ear when I got animated about the shitting arrangements. He knows I’m serious. It kind of hurt my ear. He’s excited about camping out with us. There is a grill and fire pit. We might have a bbq some time during the week.

I’m still sick though…😞

Slept the entire day and it’s about 2am. Still going to bed around 3ish just because I’m trying to get rid of this cold. NyQuil and DayQuil taste like ass hole 🤢. But at least they work. Luckily my sore throat has been gone for a while so that’s nice.

Also realized I actually won’t be on my period the week we will be at the cabin 🤩. So that’s more good news. Erik told me to take a closer look at my birth control pills. After Saturday I have just one week left. My period should end just before NYE. Even more good news since the whole piss bucket thing is really going to happen. Yeah it will be a pain in the ass to work so hard packing getting shit into the truck and in storage but I bought midol just in case.

Haven’t gone to sing all week.

I said that I wanted to no go out to sing or to bars for a while. Lately I’ve not been drinking at home either. Still don’t want to. Rick didn’t think I’d be serious. Yes, I’m serious. My love for the stage had been ripped away and I’m still recovering from that. I’m so ashamed to have lost to someone without experience I don’t even want to go to that particular bar anymore.

Besides, I’m sick but still. Even if I wasn’t, I’d be playing with my PS2 emulator. Anyway, I’m in a better mood all because of Erik and time we’ve been spending together 😊. He’s been very helpful while I’m bedridden coughing up storms and little green men.

😘💕 Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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