Have You Ever Wondered Why Churches Are Tax-Exempt?


Just because a tiny minority of church ministers have a very high net worth does not justify calling for taxation of churches.

No sensible Christian would even dare to take such a foolish position. Have you heard of jizya? That’s Islamic law imposing a special tax on non-Muslims. Do you know how taxation is meant to be used as a weapon? An Islamic state would logically put more financial burdens on non-Muslims so they would convert for the sake of self-preservation. A Christian who proposes that Christian churches be taxed is INSANE.

There are poor people helped by soup kitchens, but there are also poor people helped by motivational speakers. Why is it that soup kitchens should be tax-exempt but motivational speakers are tax-cheats? It makes no sense. There are other people who have high net worth, why is it that church leaders are especially singled out as targets? On average, church leaders are at the bottom of the pile, ok? How do I know that? Look at developing countries. The largest Christian populations are in developing countries, their leaders are always fund-raising, running orphanages, extremely impoverished. These are the majority of church ministers.

Now, let’s look at churches in developed countries. Have you ever wondered what happened to all the taxes levied by governments? Do you think the government is making better use of the money than the individuals and companies they took the money from? You can’t say taxation is theft with your libertarian mouth on the one hand while calling a rich church leader a tax-cheat. What’s the problem with tax evasion if taxation were indeed theft?

This actually had me thinking but I rather see it explained from someone who is qualified to know this information. Until then, I can’t seem to give an actual fuck.

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