Watch “Edwin McCain- I’ll Be (The Greatest Fan Of Your Life) Lyrics” on YouTube

I just heard Erik quote this song…😭🤧😭🤧


I’m going to explode. Having heard this song a lot growing up, I only had to remember it and I’m just nearly speechless and it hurts. Did I hear right? Of course I did. I literally can’t today. This hurts.

Erik reminded me of this song because I was upset about how my friends never show up to things to support me. Tonight’s the last leg of the contest. The other two performers are just decent singers in comparison. I understand it’s a popularity contest. Singers even better than me got voted off! So if I lose it only means I don’t have “friends”.

Erik said I have him and my recently deceased friends as well as my spiritual group. It’s not the same. I also have friends who frequent this bar. The other two contestants have friends I’ve never seen at the bar before the contest.

I just have to hope people will vote honestly…🤷‍♀️ This contest is kind of a big deal because we could really use the money (200$) as we are preparing to move in a month. If I wasn’t so stressed about the move I wouldn’t care.

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