Is it my hormones?!

God damnit to fuck…I’m a little bit hormonal and my period just ended. Oooooo! My bf is awake from his nap. I’ve been a bit more hormonal than usual. The xxx has been on the brain more than usual. Last week Rick and I talked about having our first, meeting a sexy version of Daniel Radcliffe, then one ex left that I’m friends with (the last alive) started to give me all this TMI about his sex life. Fucking annoyed me because I’m still a little 🤏🙄 attractive to him. Only because he’s from The Realms too.

😫 I’m suffering all of a sudden. This months period had me on my ass for two days. Very odd being that I’m on birth control (probably why my body raged against me). I shouldn’t be whining or bitching when I have so much to look forward to. Tell my body to stop acting out. I can’t go anywhere being all gross like this. I’ll just first with anyone that walks.

Erik is trying to help.

His version of help is laughable and I’m not going to describe that load of embarrassment even for the both of us. Instead, I’ve been smoking a joint 🌿😙💨 and watching MAID on Netflix. It gave me a sort of PTSD because of what she goes through while being homeless. All that bullshit. I pushed through watching the clock making sure Rick got enough sleep before I waltzed in there making demands.

Rick is going to wake up just enough to make me 😊 happy. Then go right back to sleep.

😘💕 Good night!

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