Daniel Radcliffe Look-alike!

That’s not the first thing I noticed when I met this guy on Friday. We flirted and then had to let the ball drop that I have a bf. Honestly he’s really hot. Never would want a serious relationship with anyone ever again, he’d just be another notch on my bedpost.

Turns out his 23! I guess it’s the beard. He looked a out my age 😰…then definitely I wouldn’t want anything serious with him. He’s just a hot guy. A nice person to look at. We left the bar to hang outside to talk. I told him that talking to me probably wasn’t a good idea. Also said how shocked I was he didn’t have a gf. Honestly it would have been less awkward if he did. A hot guy like that without a girl friend is a red flag. It just has to be.

My bf followed us shortly to talk.

It was kind of embarrassing seeing Rick talk up a storm. I thought of ways I could get us alone just to talk. About what didn’t matter. I wanted to pick his brain to look for some more red flags. Reasons he could be an ax murderer, a predator…when I noticed him in passing through to smoke outside he got my attention. I didn’t think he wanted to talk to me after what happened Friday. So I told him a hot guy like that shouldn’t be in a place like that bar. 🤦‍♀️ I can be a flirt when I’m drunk.

😘💕 I’m so tired RN…

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