Odd Dream But Okay…

Maybe it’s because I got baked with my breakfast blunt (we bought some at the store for a prop in the photoshoot last night) 🌿😙💨 and this morning went right back to sleep. I love water and swimming. Especially in good beaches like these ones in Florida. Pools are meh…I grew up with a pool.

Erik is usually present in dreams where there was water. This time he looked like this dorky dude from a tv show I watch on Hulu. It was kind of fitting but not quite. I felt Erik’s presence strong so I wasn’t really confused. Sometimes he will look like someone else to be safe. Seeing him makes me sad most of the time.

He was some type of fisherman working with a crew.

I was a siren. Funny because Little Mermaid was my favorite movie as a kid. I’ve seen it so many times it’s embarrassing. Now it’s been so long, I only remember the songs. Anyway, so Erik wanted me to meet his crew because they didn’t believe him when he told them about me. I was able to peak at him with his friends a little and got spooked over how they had plans to kill all the fish.

So he came looking for me since I’d not been seen in a while. I swam back to him trying to stay hidden. I saw some initiation tattoo or marking on him and associated it with being an enemy. Very very sad, I had to tell him that I needed to go and that I couldn’t see him anymore. He begged and begged and I insisted that it was for the best.

What doesn’t mean?

Nothing. I don’t see how this is at all useful. Some dreams are just dreams. This one goes in the bullshit pile. I chalk it all up to being stoned while asleep. It was fun swimming though! Lol 😂 Since we don’t have beaches and it’s fucking December, it felt nice to be free and warm. I was curled up in warm blankets while the whole apartment had been freezing which is actually nice since this summer had been so fucking hot!

At least Erik was in the dream too. I wish my character in the dream wasn’t such a scardie-cat. I could have had a nice fling or something damnit! 🤣 At this point in that time of month, I’ll take any kind of fling! It’s hilarious that Erik is always around in wet dreams. Roflmao in most dreams with water in them. Wtf does it always be that way? Ain’t nothing interesting happens in these water dreams except shit like that, him telling me to stay on task on my spiritual journey (water is associated with spirit and the spirit world), or some kind of healing is taking place. A psychic when I was little told me I’d meet my “soul mate” near bodies of water.

😘💕 Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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