I Miss Being Single…

Well kind of. What I miss about being single are my bang bros. Lmao 不 Guys who were part of my bang bank for fucking and nothing else. I had a few guys here and there I never called back because on technicality raped me but the few I kept on call were good. Not the best. So far Rick is tops.

I miss feeling in control. Calling up a guy saying I’ll be there in 5 minutes, bringing weed and alcohol, smoking, drinking, playing video games, fuck and leave. I’m a bit bossy. Someone who barely knows me won’t get annoyed with how I dictate how the nightday will go…I get what I want and they don’t get all, “What about meeeeee ”.

Things with me and Rick are fine BTW.

Simply I’m just thinking back on the simpler life. My 20s was filled with meaningless sex because I was deep down extremely depressed. Especially made me feel better about what I couldn’t control. Now, all I have to shout from the bedroom is


Then that’s it. I get the D.

Ugh being in my period fucking sucks so much right now. For some reason it’s real bad this month and I’ve not had a proper lay in 3 fucking days. Yeah hahahah 3 fucking days. The longest I’ve ever gone was maybe a month while homeless. Matt (both guys named Matt) and I had gotten creative.

Ive got a photoshoot to do. Time to look like a whore!

Boy I miss being a whore 不

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