Prepping For Round 4 Singing Contest!

I literally flew throught 1k songs on my phone to narrow down my choices for the contest. I’ve not done any if these yet either as a warmup or contest song. Of course I added songs I know by heart because knowing songs by heart seems to have gotten me this far and choosing songs suitable for the crowd. That’s why I need at least 4 songs in case. Luckily for me they don’t immediately take our songs. I get some time to gauge the crowd and choose songs based off the vibe. The vibe though…not what I think they like.

Yeah and I know who made it to round 4. Honestly I don’t feel like I have that much competition. Chad was voted out and besides me and Rick, he was very very good. Oh well it works for me! 🤣 The other singers were okay. There was this tiny dick douche-canoe drunk asshole though. I can tell he can sing. However I guess due to drinking beforehand, he was way off tempo and off pitch. Somehow he made it and his ex wife did too. Yeah she kind of sucked.

*rubs hands together* 😈

I have less than 2 week to figure this shit out. Firstly, I’m going to work on more memorization and voice control. Fine tune what I already know. A few of the songs, I’ve mastered so they will be song fewer times so that I can focus on songs like Fighter and Show Me How To Live which need power.

We need to get to the bar at least 1x this week so that I can practice on stage. The problem is that it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m not sure if bars will be open. We’d have to go tomorrow or skip out until Saturday. 🤷‍♀️ I gotta talk it over with Rick.

The winner gets 200$.

We are moving and we could use the money. I know some people like my friends know my situation and voted for me to support. They told me so. I overheard this one lady (annoying and constantly oggled at my bf but whatever) she was voting for me and it felt nice. I don’t hate her as much anymore.

Well of course a little bit of an ego boost is nice. I know I’m not the best singer. I’ve seen some really wild shit. The last contest I was in, I got 3rd place. Hell, I was happy to have gotten even that far. There we’re judges in this one. Like America Idol but less bullshit. It was done at the hard rock hotel in Hollywood (FL) before the renovations. A huuuuge fucking stage and you got up there!

Reputation is everything!

People know me or know of me. It’s weird because it wasn’t really this way way back in Florida. I was the Paramore Girl because all I sang were their songs. My voice has matured since then so it’s a little bit of a strain to hit the high notes. 😭

Here in Tacoma I can go to one bar and someone would walk up to us and say they’ve heard of us being the metal singers. Never seen them before in my life but they have a friend who knows of us. So far it’s happened 3x. What was really flattering is a couple girls approached me all fan-girling. I’ve not had this much attention in my life and it really feels good to finally be known for something POSITIVE for a change.

It sounds like bragging but give me this to boost myself up, okay?

Don’t like, be salty or whatever. My biggest dream was to perform on stage whether it was playing orchestra or a metal band. I was going to do orchestra (I played just about every Clarinet) or a metal band playing guitar and singing. I played instruments most of my life and sang all of my life. My mom ways knew I had talent but I couldn’t shake stage fright. Karaoke helped me with that. I finally had a stage and I’d practice, and take advice from professionals.

So it feels fucking amazing when people approach me with compliments, right-ons, high fives, claps and drinks. Haha 😂 Now I’m in a band and people are constantly asking me when we’re going to play. Now that’s is annoying because I want us to be but it’s taking a little bit.

Okay no more rambling…

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