I smoke too much weed…🌿😙💨

Erik is saying I either need to stop or learn my limits. 🤣 Yeah…no. My bf wants to go to the weed store to pick up some more. I smoke a lot. Don’t even know how much. I always lose track. Lmao

Ever get so high you forgot that you smoked? It kills me some times. I’d literally be like: I don’t feel anything. Fuck my tolerance is shot! So I smoke a whole bowl in 2 minutes thinking I need a better strain or something.

….And then out of nowhere I’m:

😵 Where am I? Why am I here? Am I dead? Didn’t I watch this episode before? The killer in this show can see me!

I’m hungry. 😭 I can’t get up. Holy shit there’s something in my apartment. I’m hungry.

*looks through door dash and orders 40$ worth of Taco Bell*

Door dash comes and I’d forgotten I ordered something and swear someone at the door is going to kill me or they left a bomb at my stoop.


I’m a horrible person. 😳 I’m going to die. Why am I a horrible person?! Omg I can hear my heartbeat through my mouth. I’m fucking insane! Why does everyone fucking hate me 😭. I want my mommy.

If I get too stoned, it’s over man.

I literally become paralyzed and Erik can’t get through to me. I’m just not home. Sometimes I hear him try to calm me down but even he gets worried. It’s a huge production. This is why I like acid. Never had any problems with it. Always a joy but weed is legal and I can buy it. Plus is natural. Mushrooms interact with my meds so it doesn’t work on me.

I will try to keep it minimal. Like, I know all this stuff is in my head. For the most part I just keep telling myself I’m just paranoid from the weed. But who wants to keep thinking that? I then start thinking I’ve somehow been sold a bad batch 🤣 and when it comes to weed that’s just silly. No such thing as a bad batch of weed. Lmao What the fuck lol.

I know he’s just looking out for me…

For the record I’m not stoned all day. Being stoned all day sounds like a nightmare now. I rather be on acid. That’s fun as hell lol. I only do acid about once or twice a month. I smoke before bed or when I wake up but not in the middle of the day like I used to way way way back.

Like 11 years ago, yeah I’d be stoned all fucking day playing video games (Rockband, COD, and Left 4 Dead) and watched Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Death Clock, Bevis and Butthead, Bob’s Burgers, and Futurama. Yup…Oh and watched Weeds.

All that shit downloaded on my computer and streamed to the TV. It would even be on all day just as background noise. I was depressed but that’s why I was stoned most of the time I wasn’t working. Then Seinfeld would come on at 11pm and 12am. Id watch that in the bedroom and smoke my happy ass to sleep.

I can’t smoke like I used to without getting heart palpitations.

Ugh…I have to go easy on the weed though. He’s right about that. Reminds me I can’t find my CBD cart anywhere. That stuff I used for anxiety. I hardly smoke that ROFL 🤣.

😘💕 Goooooood night!

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