Stage Queen Emerges!

I had the Queen of Wands and I lived up to it fully. Last night I had been qualified to go to round THREE in the singing contest! Of course I dolled myself up. The place was packed but filled evenly with young and old people. I was in my element.

People seemed to really like me and kept myself buzzed most of the night. As always people buy me drinks at this cheap bar. Well at any bar. I never spend more than 20$ there and since we are trying to cut costs, going there 2x a week works for us. At a typical bar we spend 40 and usually we’d do 2x a week spending around 80 total. Going to this bar, we spend 30-40 a week.

It’s a popularity contest. Usually people know this going in. I went because I love competition like this and we need all the money we can get. How people can be surprised to not have won is crazy yet it’s fucked up that really good singers didn’t make it. My bf didn’t make it along with this other guy.

Then a bully showed up and I had to take him on.

My bf and I sang Before I Forget (Slipknot) as a duet and I have a recording of it. It was like playing a show! The whole bar roared and high fives us at the end. But up walked this arrogant asshole. He said something sarcastic and rude about how we sing over him (which we don’t); that we better not like his song too much because he’s so special…yadda yadda yadda…

First of all. It’s a karaoke bar. Good songs make people want to sing along. If you are a decent singer, chances are more people are going to sing along. That’s just common sense. Hardly anyone cares when he sang especially after his stunt. He only got salty because he had to follow his lame ass act as the fool he was.

After he was rude he began to sing.

So I tell my friends about how rude he was. More people were listening to my story than listening to his garage off key, off tempo bullshit he calls singing. When he comes saundering towards us (only one way unless he goes through the gated back door), and says more backwards fuck-shit. I stop him and say…

Excuse me, what you said was rude and uncalled for. If I were you, you’d check your attitude or get the fuck out.

I become a little more confident when I’m around people who like me. He picked the wrong time and place to fuck with me and my bf. That’s when I realized he was very drunk. Oh if course and the women he was with was his EX-WIFE! Oh poor women! He must be one of those “men” who become Jekyll or whatever when they drink. One thing I hate the most are tiny dick assholes who suddenly become hotshot after a a fucking beer. It’s fucking pathetic. Men like that arent men at all.

Thankfully I have boobs and a fan base!

It’s only common sense, if you frequent a bar and you are known for anything (my case being a good singer), people will notice you! Appearently this tiny dick douche-canoe was known for being…. a tiny dick douche-canoe. People who saw the altercation that took place we’re on my side.

Of course! People asked if I was okay and I told them what happened. Taking advantage of my popularity, I may have looked genuinely hurt. I was but wasn’t when I realized the tiny dick douche-canoe was drunk. People gave me drinks and since the contest was over I took them; a tiny bottle of Crown Royal secretly dumped in my soda, a shot of cheap whiskey, some more beer. That combo doesn’t phase me. At least I’m not an asshole drunk. I just get hyper. On the way home I had to pee so bad I needed to beg Rick to let me pee in a cup from some cheap burger place we went to earlier in the back seat while waiting in a drive-through if another cheap burger place.

When we got home I tried to talk to Erik.

He kept saying I needed rest but he was proud of me for speaking up and making it to round three. Today I’m just going to watch Hulu and probably redo my nails. Before that I need to eat, hydrate and do some paid tarot readings. Thankfully I’m not hungover but my allergies are killing me.

๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’• Stay warm!

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