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Obviously I’m not going to sound like this.

I’m more of a live performance person. It’s hard to perform or record from home because that vibe isn’t there. Being on stage, the adrenaline, beer, and wanting to outdo everyone forces me to really go all the way. Also singing with a band at practice is another I do better with because that vibe is there too. Being at home, I’m not forced to try so hard so I come up with a track that lacks emotion. I just do better with fire under my ass.

I’m thinking of doing this song for the second round in the contest. Since I know the song by heart it should be better. Last week I tied for 1st place. Not able to make a decision, I figured this should do it and for my warm-up song or whatever sing something from like; Sin Wagon (Dixie Chicks), System Of A Down, Rob Zombie….Idk.

My actual warmup will be done in the car or before we leave the house tonight. So I’m not exactly worried. But I’m taking advantage of the warmups at the bar by singing something “crazy” so that people see that and will be impressed by my contest song.

Smart, right?

I’m pretty sure that’s how I tied 1st place. I can’t warm up using the same song as last week. It has to contrast my actual contest song so that it comes as a surprise. I love surprises. I like to do slow and depressing songs and then hit em with something metal. Love that too.

…And showing off 🤣

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