Watch “Selena-Dreaming of you lyrics” on YouTube

Growing up this song had a lot of meaning to me. I didn’t pay much attention to the selena hype. I’m from SoFla so down there where I lived, it was more Gloria Estefan and cuban music vs Selena and mexican music. Gloria was a bigger deal with The Miami Sound band. I know more if her music than Selena’s.

Anyway when I heard this song it called out to me like it was a prediction. As a kid I was very intuitive. To my own misfortune ironically.

Then in 2010 I began to feel Erik with me. I felt like I was cuddling with someone especially when I was alone or afraid to sleep. I remembered that song and it took me back to the day I heard it on the radio like 10 or so years ago….

Fuck now I have the (Gloria Estefan) Conga song stuck in my fucking head! 😆

🎶🎵Come and shake your body baby do that conga!🎼🎶

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