first off, i want to say that you are so limitless. i struggled with manifesting my career, it was the hardest thing for me. i could never persist in the fact that it would happen, i stayed in the state of “it’s impossible”. im saying this because you cannot avoid self concept as much as you try. if you started without a steady self concept, i’m sure there was a bump in the road where you could not manifest something, or it will come soon. so… WORK ON YOUR SELF CONCEPT!

my careers are in the entertainment field, i’m an actress and a singer. they’re very successful, more successful than i imagined they would become. i manifested my talent and built my way up. the way i did it is simple.

but, in more detail, i’ll explain my situation. i was close to graduating high school and i literally did not see myself working a 9-5 job. ever since i was little i wanted to be an actress & a singer. i had even done a couple gigs in my childhood, but i was ready to do it big.

i was in a toxic household and my life was undesirable, it was everything i did not want. i persisted in the assumption that i’ll never do it big and my career wasn’t gonna be successful. but, one day came to me and i spent time with myself and i told myself that i’m going to have the life i want, i was created to experience big things in life. period.

all i would do is affirm and persist that i’m already a star, my careers are so successful, i’m happy. i would jump straight to the end of having my desire. i knew that if i kept persisting in the fact that i already had that perfect career, that i would switch realities. there’s already a reality where you have your desires. whatever you persist in, dictates where your reality goes. if you keep persisting your subconscious will start driving a bus to take you to your desired reality. it’s gonna come easy, period. it has no choice but to.

so, i kept persisting in that assumption, deep down i DID NOT believe it. but i rejected all opposing thoughts about it and kept telling myself that i already had it. since i already had it, there should be now “how” or “when”.

within a week, i got contacted with a big agency who introduced me to my record label. i signed with both of them within a month.

this is my “biggest manifestation”. and ever since then i’ve been working my way up and manifesting my wealth, as well as me getting bigger. all i can say now is that everything in my career is ideal and i’m living SO comfortably.

i also manifested being financially stable while manifesting this, they all came together ;).

my note is: persist in the new story. no matter how much you do not believe it, it will show. anything is possible.

This happened to me and it works for everyone if you really do the work above. I was able to get my disability approved for a high dollar amount per month, I had 11k sent to my bank account, I was no longer homeless and when I was, I was provided for the whole way through from anything to needs and WANTS! I even manifested a career as an intuitive for extra income because I like to treat myself. I’ll never have to work a day in my life and I have all the time in the world to do what I really want.

I manifested my invite to join as second vocals in a local metal band. Also manifested my first place entry in the singing contest to go on the second round this weekend. All week I practiced my song and got it down to sing it without aids. Fucking killed it on stage. The prize is 200$ and I plan to use that to move into the apartment I really want.

Now, I’m working on getting the apartment I want. I used the Sims 4 game and the blueprints of the apartment I wanted to create a by-scale replica. I got an opportunity to apply for the apartment then got approved. Needed help with paperwork and got that too (they said in the beginning they couldn’t do it bc of covid).

You can’t sit around and ask the universe for shit and expect it, however I’ve actually seen it happen. In my experience I believe it’s divine will giving us a jumpstart. You have to do your part so that the universe can do theirs. Don’t be jealous or salty because it seems to work out for them. If you take your emotions aside and intend to manifest while doing your part, you can do anything.

I don’t want to be famous but I want to live comfortably, do what I love, see parts of the country, and help others.

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