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I completely agree with what he says.

…And what Adele says

People make the claim that wanting to go to the gym is fat-shaming. It’s delusional to give someone the responsibility to validate themselves. How is that healthy? How about get over yourself and just be happy for her and anyone who just wants to be happy. For her it helped with anxiety. Losing weight was just a symptom. Leave her the fuck alone. Get out of that protective bubble you built around yourselves.

She said she’s body positive! If you’re really body positive you’d be happy for people making changes for thier greater good. It makes no sense how people are butthurt over her and yet still have this sick idea that they are body positive. It’s selfishness. It’s making everything about you. No one is attacking you, and people have the right to make changes if it makes them happy. For Adele her anxiety treated with exercise worked for her.

Bro…I said that I wanted to get in shape because of my health. STILL DO! Instead of encouragement from fellow females, they tell me I look fine as I am but they don’t know my health problems due to the extra weight. Being overweight FOR ME is really bad. To relieve me if PCOS symptoms I have to lose some weight. To have lower blood pressure and not have diabetes (runs in the family to overweight people), I have to eat better and move. I never do things to have anyone’s approval. I don’t need validation. I look good now matter my size, but my health is greatly IMPROVED with weight loss. Being told I shouldn’t lose weight by ignorant people, is disheartening and makes me lack the motivation to go to the gym. It makes my health WORSE!

When someone you love decides to go to the gym, fucking support them! It has nothing to do with you.

Saying things to “uplift” someone serious about their weight loss and their health is horrifyingly not at all helpful or uplifting. There are soooo many things wrong and I know from experience that when I lose 30 lbs, I see a major difference. Most of my life was spent skinny but meds made me gain weight and hungry from smoking a ton of weed at night (munchies). I’m not going to let my meds be the excuse.

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