this video does more in 10 seconds than your fave’s entire filmography

For everyone who’s confused

I feel like im watching a wedding ceremony from a country i didnt know existed. Like, I have no idea how all this stuff is important but good for you?????

This is so special and I’m sure that people have reblogged explaining. but like she must have made an impact to get that cuff. Those take so long to make and are so complicated that they don’t get traded often. 

In the time I’ve been going to festivals and received kandi for small acts of kindness I’ve near cried every time. It’s just such a sweet thing for someone to say “thank you, you made a positive impact on me today and here’s how I can express it”  they come from connecting with people and helping each other out. 

This video makes my heart so happy

I haven’t seen this (Kandi) be a thing since middle school. Man do I feel old. However I feel the 2000s was a defining decade for me. It made me who I am. Still the same person. Just older. Maybe it’s like that for everybody but the 2000s was when I discovered myself.

I used to make and wear Kandi and those colorful jellies I bought from the mall. Wish I had the old pictures of me in my mattrat (hot topic) regalia. To my understanding an east coast thing I guess. Especially where I grew up.

Forgot to mention the alien hug:

“Boooooop!” 😆👉👈😄

Idk if that was part of the Kandi trade for anyone but where I grew up we did this too.

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