Erik fucks with my galaxy lamp!


My bf and I did a small amount of acid. In our “down time”, the volume button was being pressed. It kept saying something like,“Volume minimized”, in spite of nothing touching the button! It’s happened before.

Rick then asked Erik to do it and it kept happening. I yelled…

Don’t fucking encourage him! He’s going to keep fucking with my lamp! 😂

…And he did. Then Rick started calling on Matt and talked shit about how he made me bleed. 💀 We had a huge laugh. Of course the lamp was making sounds again. I couldn’t tell if it was Erik or Matt because I was too freaked out about the lamp being controlled by potential evil.

So Rick told me to check with Erik with my trusty pendulum.

Erik said it was him.

Of course he did.

Also said that we have nothing to worry about.

Of course he did.

He was having loads of fun with us.

Of course he was!

In all honesty I was scared but it was funny. It gave Erik an opportunity to spook us just after holloween. I let him have his fun for a little bit. Getting a little annoyed after a while, I asked Erik to stop and he actually stopped. Surprised but not surprised.

I’ve been reading a lot about how acid is beneficial.

Recently I took a tab and a half. It was very very interesting. Was hoping to work with Erik on trauma stuff but it was actually way to difficult to concentrate because of how high I was. I’ll try on just 1 tab and see if it works. Whenever I trip with Rick I never get anything important done because we are much too…😂 “busy”.

Tabs are cheaper than mdma. 10$tab is really affordable and are strong. Mdma doesn’t last as long. So I get the most out of my tripps on acid. Got got time for trauma healing AND the fun stuff! It’s a win-win. Everybody wins. I mean everybody including Erik. ROFL 🤭 Heh heh heh.

Finally went to sleep at 6am.

Not surprising that Rick was still awake at 2pm. It’s 3pm, finally in bed for the remainder of the day. Honestly, I can use more sleep myself. I ended up high in my dreams too. It happens if you go to sleep with acid still in effect. It’s real cool. Had some really weird dreams.

😘💕 2 months until the move!

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