Jimi Hendrix Gives Me A Warning!

As a “medium”, it’s often I get a visit in my dreams from…dead people. I bought some psychedelics for Halloween weekend. Long story short, I wasted some of the goods because I had taken Seroquel prior. I had the intent to get some extra sleep since the night before, I couldn’t.

So I got upset that nearly half of the stuff was wasted. Honestly I couldn’t wait for the weekend. Jimi visited me kind of lectured me on the whole ordeal. I don’t remember what was being said exactly because while dreaming I was shocked he was there. He must have showed up since Erik tried to talk to me and I didn’t want to listen. Fair enough. He got me this time.

September through January are difficult months.

No excuse but I realize these months have been difficult for years. Most times I’ve been depressed are in these months. Erik’s death just makes it worse. Don’t know why or care why. These are months I usually go hopped up on psychedelics. No, I don’t do that every day. Maybe 2-3x a month for those months then forget it for the most part. I’ve considered micro-dosing for therapeutic reasons. Nah, not my thing.

Then I smoke a ton of weed. It’s way better because who really wants to trip for 12 hours?? Then deal with mdma comedowns?? Nah thanks. Weed is better. I can deal with the paranoia way better than being high for 12 or the Molly drop-out anyway. Plus weed is natural. Can’t really beat that.

😘💕 Ta-taa!

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