Erik, my secretary!

Going on 6 years in our partnership, these days I’m not in such a rush or keen to talk to dead people like my most recently passed Alex and now Matt. So I have Erik gives me their messages so that it has the least impact. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to angels or spirits and God comes and goes whenever he pleases but since I’ve gotten my life on track, God’s been quiet. He appeared in a dream about a year ago and it was hilarious looking at me like I was a kid caught in the cookie jar. He’s like that sometimes. Love it! 😆 He was looking at me like that because I was ungreatful. Fair enough.

Actually now thinking on it, god did express his joy with me exploring the bible. I found some very interesting things about it. No, I’m not a bible thumper but if you are interested in learning how the book of Genesis is actually a retelling of older stories, check out Paul Wallis’ Escaping Eden. Also Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods. Their work makes more sense of the bible. It really turned my beliefs around.

Erik often tells me what’s going to happen.

I want to live a normal life. So most of the time when he tells me shit I just shrug it off and wait. He’s always right. 🤣 It makes me so mad sometimes. Like the time he said to watch out while I was in the dark trying to find my way out of the messy bedroom. I stubbed my toe or smackedy leg against the edge of the bed. I bruise easy and I’m light enough that bruises make me look like a victim. My exes were abusive but mostly emotionally. 😳 I don’t really care what people think. I tell the truth.

More often than not, Erik is like, Seeeeeeee?! I told you so! While I’m screaming on pain before he asks if I’m okay. I’m like, Gee, IDK Erik, have you ever knocked yourself out like this while you were alive?! I’m going to make a giant assumption and say yes. Fucking nearly killing myself over these small spaces.

I should listen to Erik more.

He understands that I’m trying to be normal and live a normal life but he wants me to be happy so bad that he can’t help but give me hints. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it especially if he’s trying to prevent me from seriously accidentally harming myself. Yes I’m a huge klutz in denial. I’m one of those characters that are always dropping things when I enter a room. That’s why I wear a backpack and keep all my shit in it. Of course 😒… Having tourrettes doesn’t fucking help. Then everything goes flying. It’s the worst.

😘💕 Stay safe!

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