Erik doesn’t feel bad about dieing…

…I don’t feel guilty over our relationship. We have each other and no kind of bullshit will make me think different. Unconditional love means being there, throwing away the boundaries and accepting things as they are. People who don’t know what true unconditional love is will never ever understand that.

I don’t blame him. He succeeded in what I couldn’t do because I had this annoying feeling he was with me and I had to make myself believe he was still alive. To give me a reason to live until I couldn’t anymore and had forced myself to move on and forget about him. It only worked a couple years. Because being off my meds made it hard to sense him until I just couldn’t take living in the fog in my head anymore.

In every life we fought!

We struggled, and we couldn’t be together. I’m never going to throw what we have built these past 5 years over anyone or anything that can’t (or refuse to) understand….again. No, fuck that shit. I’m done being scared. I’m so fucking done with people telling I can’t do anything. This time I can and I don’t fucking care!

Fuck other people. Again, in this life, I’ve made a difference and I’m taking a stand. I’m also sick of people talking all this shit about unconditional love yet they wouldn’t know if it hit them in the face. It’s always unconditional love until it’s inconvenient to them. So yeah fuck them. 😊🖕

I was weak in those lives.

Not this time! I know what’s worth fighting for and holding on to. I promised him and I’ll never break that promise to not give up. I’ve failed to find him and “protect” him but at least now in this life I can protect US.

😘💕 Good night!

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