Female Colin Powell

When it comes to being on stage, I’m hard on myself and others. To some people karaoke is just karaoke. To me, it’s more than that. Music is my life and singing is in my blood. I just don’t want to be famous. Anyway, considering you are singing to a bunch of strangers, my logic is you practice a song until you are confident. There are some songs you can’t just sing on the fly because it can cause real damage.

For example screaming or using gutteral vocal technique is serious. You can’t just go on stage and try to do that. It will make you look lame (yeah I know, I know) and will seriously hurt you. Now, I get it that some people don’t care and just want to have fun.

You can have all the fun you want…

… But expect some wired looks. I know how it sounds. Yes I am a snob when it comes to things I’m really passionate about and take thing too far. I’m working on it. It triggers me a lot when someone takes a song I love very much and trashes it on stage. So I’m learning to not take it personally.

It’s like…imagine having a skill you worked hard for. Then someone who does what you do, shows off the same work and calls it good enough. If you are an architect and you see the work of some amateur who studied, present the same thing with so much wrong with it. You can’t help but hyper focus on all the problems and since you can’t do anything about it, it eats at you like something annoying. That’s all you see. Problems. OCD anyone? I’m always trying to fix “problems”. My socially retarded ass always needs to fix things.

I get everyone has to start somewhere.

Out of the gate, I was good but not as good as I am now. However, I can tell when someone is really trying vs just making a fool of themselves because they are drunk or what have you. I’m talking about those people. I don’t like when people appear to mock those who have talent, but I’m willing to take a step back anyway. It may not be mockery at all. I don’t know for sure. I just need to not take it so personal. Singing is one of the very few things I’m good at. I take it maybe too seriously.

To be fair, I really do help people who are willing to listen to me, take my advice and apply it to the stage. I’m all for encouraging! When I see someone actually trying, I give them the credit they deserve and encourage them to challenge themselves. It makes me so proud and I can see how happy they are. I LOVE that.

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