The best, and possibly only, advice I can give is to tell your friends you love them the moment you realize you do. Do it early, and do it often. That way when something tragic happens, and your gut reaction is to say “I love you, honey” it will actually come out sounding like “I loved you before your world fell apart, I love you now, while it is. And I will love you when the dust settles. I loved you in the before times of your life, the during, and the after. It will be a constant. It isn’t dependent on sadness or trauma. I love you when the most exciting thing we do is laugh about someone accidentally mispronouncing coffee as cawfee. And I will love you when I am listening to you sob over the phone. You can count on this. You can hold this in your head as the one thing that won’t change even as life proves it is ever-changing.” 

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