I dropped the TF bullshit because of my job…

As a tarot card reader, I have seen so much pain and suffering in people who are mentally ill because they picked up the TF/SM craze. At first I was interested and then laughed it off as some sick joke until my dead TF happened to me. I started to take it seriously. Then 5 years past and I realized through my work, I don’t need to buy into the TF shit anymore.

My TF is still my TF but I don’t let it define our relationship. I don’t care if he’s my TF. All I care about is the continued growth, love and support I have with him even as a dead guy. Our love has NO conditions because real love is unconditional. If you know what unconditional love is, you’d understand. If not then maybe the TF/SM bullshit is your jam. Good luck with that.

I realized in doing my work how very harmful the TF/SM community and gurus are.

Bloggers in this TF business like @twinflamestruth fail to see or aknowledge the error in thier “teachings”. I regret my role as a blogger in my involvement in doing TF “work” on both this blog and my other one. Unfortunately I see no other way to explain my relationship with my dead TF other than spirit spouse and I’m not too comfortable with that title either feeling TF is probably the better name. Twin Soul actually is a better name now that I think of it but the blog is to stay as it’s been for 5 years.

Then again maybe relationships DONT NEED titles. Why not just Love pure and simple?

From my other blog

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