Even acknowledgement would have been NICE!

Noooooo….! All I got was special ED, literally rode the short bus, behavioral therapy (no meds), and speech therapy. At a certain time it all stopped even though I kept thinking they were wrong for that so I failed kindergarten and 9th grade. Cool so then I coasted through to 12 grade and never bothered to take any tests. Only x-mas tree’d the 12 grade tests or doodled over them and walked out.

I’m so fucking serious 🤣 What’s bad is I still got into a trade school by basically lieing about my GED which I never took. They bothered to ask me maybe 4 times and never heard about it again. I graduated very barely with having to repeat one class just once 🤭because instructor was hot. He had this 90s punk style about him and then my BFF and I would put whiskey in our coffee’s. 😅 Good times indeed! I was pissed that I got stuck with the old Italian dude the next time around. 😭

I’m done ranting….

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