just a reminder…

…that standing up for yourself is one of the greatest forms of self care.

even though you may be surrounded with people who support you in all you do, there are times when the only one who can defend you is yourself.

when you stand up for yourself, you’re not only telling others but also yourself that you believe in yourself. you know what you stand for. you’re confident and brave.

when you show confidence in yourself, you’re reiterating your belief in yourself. trust yourself. you deserve it

Don’t confuse assertion for something else either. Sometimes you really have to put someone in thier place to save yourself. It hard to do in practice but when you do, you’ll feel better about yourself. You gain confidence and maybe respect because you’re showing people you’re not “weak”.

Unfortunately some people are really good at detecting weakness in others and they will use that to thier advantage. Nipping it in the butt before they get ballsy, do it by defending yourself. You putting up boundaries prevents them from having thier way with you.

Being honest or putting your foot down doesn’t make you a bitch or asshole!

Some people who don’t understand boundaries will make you feel bad for not putting up with thier narcissistic bullshit. They will feel entitled and “hurt”. How dare you stick up for yourself! These people are fucked up and the moment you share a difference in beliefs, will also attack you. Another example of standing your ground. You don’t need to follow the crowd or think the same a way as others do. Follow the beat of a different drum and then dump these narcissistic turds in a vat of acid.

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