The Twin Flame Obession Is Dangerous; A Giant Waste Of Time And Resources

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If this triggers you, good! That means I’ve made you think. My goal is to save people. I will be blunt and harsh but I mean well. DO NOT mistake my honesty for something else. I’ve seen way too many good people get caught up in this shit.

I’m going to write entries like this until I die and hope this makes people think honestly about Twin Flames and Soul Mates. I sincerely hope that by reading this you change your prospective to ditch the craze FOR GOOD! People need to wake up and smell the bullshit. The Twin Flame/ Soul Mate craze is rediculous and dangerous to your health and obsessing over these things is a mental health issue. Yes I repeat:

Twin Flame/Soul Mate obsession and interest IS a mental health issue!

People who scour the internet for TF/SM signs or looking for ways to “call in” thier TF/SM don’t know what love is!

True unconditional love is loving someone regardless of whether or not they are a TF/SM. If you are finding yourself looking at signs or asking around if your love interest is, you are placing conditions on that very person you’re interested in. Well, are you going to love them if they aren’t your TF/SM? Most people say no. They want validation and someone to make them happy because they are fed so much bullshit about what love is.

You see all these ads showing fake couples doing all this shit. Sure, we all want that stuff. When you look at these stupid TF posts about “HOW TO TELL THEY ARE YOUR TF”, what you’re doing is taking that list and checking off every condition that makes this person your supposed TF.

The TF signs are trash, bullshit, unnecessary, and cause damage!

These “signs” are just a list of conditions. True, real, tangible, fulfilling love you deserve and want is unconditional. Meaning it doesn’t require some dumb list to see if someone qualifies to be with you. When you really think about it, it’s fucked up isn’t it?

How would you feel if someone didn’t want to date you because you didn’t meet thier conditions or requirements? You’re a good person, you pay your bills, go to work, you love them for who they are without turning to psychics or wannabe TF know-it-alls, but they say thier not interested. Mostlikely because according to some list you aren’t thier TF/SM. Oh damn…it feels like trash.

People stay in abusive relationships because the other is thier “TF/SM”!

Well what if they weren’t a TF/SM? You could be wrong but you’re convinced because of some list or a psychic told you. Can’t you even think for yourself? Don’t you even love yourself? What if this person isn’t what you thought they was and just is a grade A manipulate piece of shit? Oh but you convinced yourself they were some magical unicorn that will glide with you over a rainbow. Nah, that’s a mental health problem you want to ignore.

Twin Flame / Soul Mate “Gurus”, sit down, listen the fuck up!

Wannabe TF know-it-all, let’s not pretend that people who are desperate don’t have an underlying mental health issue. Desperate people usually have issue with self-worth, didn’t get enough love as a child, come from a rough background, watched way too many romance movies, and daydream of the perfect love. It’s a daydream because they are asleep.

They have to be asleep to think perfect love exists.

Now, wannabe TF “expert”, by spreading bullshit about TFs/SMs, you’re fueling that depressed, yearning, anxious, “unloved” person more trash they already get BEFORE and AFTER reading your lies. You’re like a drug dealer feeding a false sense of security to people with mental health issues. You give them a lists of (yes) CONDITIONS. You’re actually feeding them conditions for love when love is supposed to be unconditional. Expert, how are you even helping? You’re not helping because you’re feeding loads of garbage calling it good enough because you want to feel like a hot shot. Ego reaching, self-important, and spreading damaging information.

Wannabe “Guru”, you will have blood on your hands.

People harm others, harm themselves, even kill others or kill themselves over this shit. Know-it-all, do you still feel comfortable spreading this bullshit for the sake of your inflated sense of “intelligence”? Do you really think selling or spewing conditional love is spiritual? Do you even know what unconditional love is? If you do, why are you posting “twin flame signs” or saying as if you are some expert? Guru, no one is an expert on this topic. It’s a madeup overplayed dogma that exists just to fuck people up. It’s not backed by science. It’s a social-spiritual CONSTRUCT! Yet people swear by it like misinformed Bible thumpers (they don’t know the Bible is a retelling of old stories) or conspiracy nuts. Let’s bring in the Easter bunny and the biblical God into it while we’re at it.

Pride is a sin. Pride is ego. Sin and ego are supposedly not spiritual. Okay yeah I know no one is perfect. But hold on for a second wanna be TF Guru. Claiming flat-out you know this much about TFs/SMs makes you as good as a preacher who to snorts coke, orders hookers, and beats his wife. So why do it?

Yes, I have a TF but no I didn’t scour or BELIEVE in them.

I still don’t believe in love at first sight, but my life changed when I met my TF. I learned about TFs years and years ago and laughed it so hard I fell over. So when I found out, (long long story) I thought he was a demon and fucking with me. BTW for the sake of my blog, I call him my TF. It took me a long time to wrap my head around it. I realized that Idc if he’s a demon with a heart of gold or if he’s really my TF. He’s saved me in so many ways, taught me so much on my journey including this topic, protected me, given me hope, and loving guidance over 5 years.

I don’t give a flying fuck what people say or whatever because I love his spirit more than I’ve ever love any living thing in this world. Even if he were alive I would have loved him no matter the circumstances he had before his suicide. Because THAT is unconditional love.



Tldr: Twin Flame and Soul Mate searching and obsession isn’t real love. Using signs or lists to determine if someone is good enough for you isn’t love. It’s NOT unconditional love. It’s not real love if you stay in an abusive relationship because you *think* or assume they are you TF/SM. It’s also not self love either.

Wannabe TF/SM gurus need to stop spreading lies and bullshit about what TFs/SMs are. No one is an expert. It’s impossible to be and there is no scientific evidence to back up your claims. You’re no better than a drug dealer, you are not helping anyone and you can be the reason for a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

You love someone for who they are because that’s what unconditional love is. Loving someone just because you drank the kool-aid some “expert” gave you isn’t love at all! Stop reading and posting about this shit and save someone’s life. PLEASE LITERALLY SAVE SOMEONES LIFE!

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