I feel like this needs to be said by me.

I cannot and will not interpret your religious or spiritual experiences for you.

In fact, nobody should.

Your relationship with a deity is between you and that deity. It’s your business. It’s your own practice. It’s up to you to receive and interpret whatever signs or messages your deity might send you. I get that sometimes you feel the need for assurance, but that’s up to you to figure out for yourself.

I’m not going to feel comfortable to tell you, if it’s so and so deity talking to you or what they’re trying to say to you. 1) I’m not there. I can’t see or hear or feel any of it. I can’t make an objective judgement based on just the information you give me alone. 2) My interpretation of everything is going to vastly defer from yours as well as the next person. I might associate completely different things to the same deity. I might associate completely different deities to the same thing. 3) If it’s a deity whom I’ve never interacted with before, I’m not going to be sure either. 4) I’m not an oracle. I’ve not been chosen nor approved by the gods to speak for them. Not only is it not my place, but also, don’t you think it would be disrespectful and an invasion of privacy even, to bring in a random stranger as an intermediary if it’s not the deity’s wish? If their message is for you alone? If they want to keep their interactions with you strictly between you and them?

I hope you can understand. I’m not trying to be mean. As helpful as I’m willing to be, I have my boundaries, too.

You can simply ask a deity:

  • If it is them who’s been trying to reach out to you.
  • If the signs you think you’ve been receiving are from them.
  • Things they like/dislike.
  • Their favorite/least favorite activities.
  • About other deities, especially if they’re their family members.

Communication is an integral part of any relationship, and it goes both ways. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, it’s better to just ask them directly, rather than someone who doesn’t know you, or your practice, or your relationship, or even that deity.

Thank you! I love all of this!

This needs to be said and you said it so thank you very much!

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