Twin Flame Signs = Conditonal Love

Loving someone unconditionally means you love them regardless of whatever rules or signs people like to impose on others. You don’t need these signs and rules when seeking a soul mate or twin flame. Why? Because you love them regardless of those things. You don’t need that garbage.

You can’t love someone unconditionally and pry everywhere for signs they are your soul mate or twin flame! That’s contradictory and counterintuitive! Also, obsessing over TFs/SMs is very unhealthy and will not give you the kind of results you desperately “need”.

Rick isn’t my TF but I love him anyway!

Sure it’s not same love I have for Erik but I still love him enough to be his life partner! There’s also a lot of other reasons I could reject Rick but I don’t. So I don’t understand how people can look for unconditional love all while at the same time have all these conditions like:

  • Meeting all “criteria” of a TF/SM
  • Must have ___ job/career
  • Have to look like a model
  • Need to be the “provider”
  • Need to earn ___ much money a month

How much more entitled and spoiled do you need to be to have someone in your life to make YOU happy? Why do you need to enforce rules about what or how your TF/SM need to be?! Do you not realize how damaging your attitude is?! …Holy fuck! Make yourself happy for a change and see that love is everywhere and in everyone.

I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Not believing in TFs/Sms has helped me a great deal. Not caring about those things saved me a lot of headache. Still unlucky because I chose the wrong (abusive) people for the wrong reasons. All having to do with survival and nothing to do with spiritual love because I didn’t believe in any of that until I met my TF. How I found him is a long story and I don’t need to explain or prove anything.

The point is that it boggles my mind how people can be so ignorant and entitled. How is it spiritual? How is conditional love spiritual or love at all? Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this? Am I the only one who sees this being a huge as fuck problem?

It’s actually real sad!

Call me virtue signaling or whatever the fuck people love labeling things these days. I’m telling it like it is. If it makes you change your perception, good. If it doesn’t, not my biggest problem, but holy shit…

…Don’t say you want unconditional love and then place superficial rules on people.

If you can’t be bothered to love yourself and others unconditionally, you aren’t deserving of unconditional love and you deserve the backlash you get for it. I sure have and learned from it. So should you! You don’t get to ruin people’s lives because you don’t know what unconditional love is and be okay with that. Love people for who they really are. They deserve love too!

You never know. That “loser” could be your TF/SM and you pass them up because they don’t live up to your expectations. You just screwed yourself over. You screwed them over too! How is that right or fair? How can you call yourself spiritual and do this shit to people? I’ve seen people do this. It’s so sick.

Seriously, some people need to wake the fuck up.

It’s thanks to wannabe TF “gurus” like @twinflamestruth that we have a growing epidemic of mental health issues surrounding TF/SM. They have created an online epicenter on Tumblr of the TF/SM craze by spreading harmful information packaged as “truth” or “guides” when as I repeat its nothing but damaging information fed to an already sick demographic.

😘💕 Unconditional love is UN-conditional

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