Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity is important especially in relationships. Dont take my word for it, it is my own observation! It’s important because you know your spiritual path, what roads to take, what stops to make, when to let someone in your car and when to kick the fuck out of someone in your car, when you need to rest and refuel and park it for a while.

Spiritual maturity means you know yourself. To know yourself, you take stock in what you have learned, what you need to learn and practice self improvement every single day. This is can be hard to do, so people avoid doing these thing and just expect to achieve a level of success. Thinking some dumb shit like…

Well I know who my twin flame or soul mate is without spirituality.

While that MAY be the case in some instances, spiritual maturity is still required for a relationship to work. ESPECIALLY in a TF relationship! Wouldnt loving yourself, knowing yourself, respecting yourself, caring for yourself be doing these things to your TF who shares the same soul as you? Caring for your body is caring for the body of your tf. Respecting yourself is respecting your tf. You get the idea!

So why do people completely miss the point of TF relationships?

Its not a bed of roses, besides no one really knows for sure about twin flames as it is a social and spiritual construct. I can’t tell you who your tf is. No one can. Sure you can ask all the psychics in the world and they might know but the person who should know is YOU. You have to develop spiritual maturity for this to work! You can practice all the care for yourself in a healthy mature way, with patience, you will have them in your life! But people are impatient and will find ways to cut corners.

When you cut corners, you short changed yourself AND your tf. The reason your relationship is a relation-SHIT is because of this. Understanding you are your own worst enemy, correcting these petty attitudes, and develop spiritual maturity, your relationship should flourish.

All the answers you want to find can be found within yourself.

If you can’t be bothered to figure that out, then you aren’t ready for a tf relationship. It only makes sense. Insert logic into your spiritual life. Understand that you can be wrong about who is your tf, be okay with being wrong, accept things as they are and continue to live your best life.

I’m going to keep saying this until the cows come home…

No one is a twin flame expert.

Be your own expert but don’t go to someone’s house and tell them how to shit in it. I am on board with everyone’s journey. I’m only offering my perspective. A logical perspective. If you agree or disagree, it’s none of my business. As I am my own expert, I expect however that you be your own expert.

Look within, don’t go looking outside yourself for answers!

Don’t give away your power. You are just as capable as anyone else on a spiritual path. There’s nothing wrong with needing a confirmation but getting wrapped up in others perspectives muddies the waters. You need to think for yourself. Don’t accept anothers reality as your own.

All of this is part of spiritual maturity!

So buck up, put your big pants on, and start growing. Some of you have a looooooong way to go and you don’t have to do it alone. But you have to carry your brain and some logic in your back seat. There’s only so much your heart can do. You will need both!

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