Our Lives Are Like Shows And Movies

Erik said that we are actors on the earth’s stage. We come here to play our roles. Our guides and deceased loved ones watch us sort of like how we watch TV (or movies). So it’s like this; Earth"s stage is pretty much that. All important people in our lives are stars within it. For example…

Matt (also from Texas) played a big role in my life. We journeyed together in 2019 as a homeless couple trying to get our lives together. We ventured through my hometown and we traveled through Texas and his hometown. Erik watched us go through a lot of fucking shit. So when Matt died, or finished his role in my movie, Erik said he was sort of “starstruck”. He was a “fan” of Matt. Getting to meet a key player in my life was like that.

Not only are our lives TV Shows…

… But within our TV shows (or movies) are shows within a show based around relationships with people in our soul groups or whatever the fuck. My life is a show; within it, Matt and I are a show, Rick and I are a show, my family and I have a show, etc. Even deeper, we can look at past lives the same way!

The Akashic Record is the script!

See where I’m going with this? Okay, great…Check this out:

All things we have done or about to do is recorded in those scripts. Including our free will or “IMPROVISIONS” and including divine will or “DIRECTIONS”. I go improv when I make snap decisions, I take directions from my guides who are like directors only we don’t have to follow them.

This is the conversation we had last night. Very briefly talked about this two weeks ago tripping on acid, we started the conversation only I didn’t notice this until last night. It’s like that sometimes. I was like, Ooh this is what he was trying to say! Well fuck damn that’s kind of funny, right? In the middle of something I would find myself having conversations with Erik and forget about it because I get distracted. Then days later we end up having the same conversation and I won’t notice until more days or weeks later.

We kind of have a long day today.

We need to go shopping and then tonight we go to the bar. I’m going to do the make-up thing again and take some pictures this time. I’m actually kind of proud of myself to have learned how to. As a tomboy, I don’t like doing this all the time. Putting on make-up is tedious and I get impatient before I just say, Fuck this shit I like myself the way I am! I don’t know how or why women (and men) need to go all out like this all the fucking time like we are legit actors.

😘💕 I love yall!

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