Honest Conversations

Lies weight heavy, make me uncomfortable and even real guilty. Sometimes I lie to avoid hurting people (to avoid a conflict), but to me it’s a necessary “risk” on the guilt department. We all do it, don’t act like you’ve not once lied to make someone happy.

I loooove having deep and honest conversations especially with older people. They are usually men. Not a lot of older women like philosophy, history or science stuff. Last night I had a very very deep discussion about relationships, entitlement, theology, and the human psyche.

He gave me the compliment that I’m “very good”.

As in wise I guess. I always felt like an old soul. Well I did grow up psychic bit don’t get me wrong I’ve done a lot of stupid shit too. Not to toot my horn I really love and live for deep philosophical talks.

This is why I don’t want to see a shrink.

I will spill the beans about everything; my intuition, growing up bullies for my disabilities and in general, Erik, and my spiritual journey… I NEED an intuitive therapist! I don’t trust that traditional therapists won’t judge me. They will think I’m insane. They won’t be as much help to me.

Trust me, I’ve grown up seeing therapists all the way from K-12. Hated it and for the most part school-appointed therapists are garbage because they are paid by the school or the government. They aren’t paid well so naturally they aren’t good. I’ve learned to hold back on some info while seeing therapists during my homelessness. It feels terrible. I don’t get the help I need!

😘💕 Have a wonderful weekend!

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