You gotta leave people to their false stories and fixed perceptions. You know you. Remain solid as you flow in your own truth and purpose. Don’t even engage in any low vibrational activity or people. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Transmuting, or rather, ignoring that type energy is the most powerful thing you can do. Understand that when you find your purpose, you’ll reap the benefits of authenticity in your life. You’ll find that soul mate, you’ll find genuine friends, & you’ll manifest the things you deserve to obtain spiritual peace. It all starts with the mind though & the spirit will follow so you can transcend your soul to be the best version of yourself. Every dysfunctional affliction happens in your life because you don’t have a purpose, therefore all your relationships & friendships will destructive because you’re congregating amongst people who don’t have a purpose, meaning that they’re a lost soul.

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