So Much Love!

“I get by with a little help of my friends”.

They came out to the bar. Not just to see me but they were there to give me hugs and were willing to talk to me. I really arrived at the bar okay. Not sad at all. But sometimes there is someone who just gets it out of you. Like if I’m having a hard time, all my mom had to do to get me to talk was hug me.

It was like that. Alexa is younger than me but she’s mother. She had that motherly touch to her. She gave me a hug because she has seen my Facebook. I just fell apart on her arms. It was embarrassing but with everything I’ve been feeling this month, I didn’t fucking care. I talked to her outside and it felt good to talk to a female face-to-face about my losses. Men listen but I feel like they don’t really know.

I’m so greatful because most of my friends are back home.

We only just started making real friends here in Washington. Every time we go out, we basically get a new friends. I’ve become so popular at one of the bars I go to, I get offered drinks every time. Literally every time! I wasn’t that popular back home, but most people knew who I was because of the stupid things I did.

They knew from my Facebook and even though I think I may have looked normal, they saw how sad I was. It was so good to be greeted immediately with hugs and support. I love all of then and I’m so lucky to have the kind of friends I have now. It was good to see them and of course to be on a bigger stage today.

My friends said I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

That might be true but out in the world, I have a resting bitch face. So I look mean but mostly I’m just blah or deep in thought. I don’t mean to look rude. I had to tell that to someone because he got on my nerves one day by assuming I had a chip on my shoulder just because I didn’t smile. Now that, is rude to me.

Anyway I had a wonderful night and I am moved by the support I’ve had tonight. Especially from Alexa. I don’t like most women but I love her to death!

😘💕 Good night my friends!

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