Erik Took Me Skiing

It was a dream and kind of funny. I’ve never been skiing before and I’m a klutz when it comes to things like that. I would rather snowboard. Erik laughed at me and I didn’t know what was so damn funny. When I told Rick about the dream (Rick’s been skiing since he was a kid), Rick said that snowboarding is way harder. 😳 Maybe that’s why Erik laughed at me.

The dream was interesting. I hope he doesn’t take me skiing again. I rather him scoop me up from his spaceship 🤣. You know, pass by Uranus without making a joke of it and ruin the romantic gesture. I couldn’t help it. It happened 2x and I feel bad because we didn’t go far 😔. When I get nervous I make lame jokes.

Omg just remembered I woke up talking in my sleep.

This is embarrassing 😳. I figured out an excuse just in case Rick catches me saying incriminating shit. Idk what I said in my sleep. All I know is I was whispering something to Erik in a certain way. Sometimes I’ll be in a dark void dream and we’d be talking. In the void I don’t see anything but I feel safe and I can hear his voice. We have talks and I guess the other day was one of those talks.

I woke up talking several times but only remember what I said the last time. Figured with everything going on between loosing Matt (aka Sean), Erik’s bday coming this month and his death anniversary in October, I could chalk it up to stress or something if Rick happened to hear something. It’s not a lie. I’ve been a disaster the past week.

I’m supposed to go to a band meeting today.

The reason I’m not looking forward to it is most people in band meetings just want to bullshit and we get nothing done. I’m really hoping these guys are focused. Another reason is because I rather work but I’ll go this meeting. They stopped in person meetings because of the covid variant. So I’m wondering what changed. Erik really wants me to go, Rick promised that they will be focused and I’ve been wanting to be in a band again for a while.

😘💕 Have a wonderful weekend loves!

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