9/9/21 Cards of the Day. Queen of Swords and Eagle.
Today’s message, your highly astute, an intellect with great pride, and you hold honesty in high regard. You may usually go straight for the logic in every situation and search out the proof, with a clear head and directness. Your an excellent communicator, but a big “but” your amazing logic and clear communication skills will not help you to thrive spiritually. Right now your soul demands growth and nourishment, a sign to climb and push harder to evolve, and then let go. Allow the final push and then float freely on the changes that are coming. Do not attempt to steer the progress. You may have become too rigid in your spiritual growth. Enlightenment will not come from books; it is a lifetime journey. You may not know when the next hairy situation is coming to ruffle feathers, but have faith and make the leap anyway. Break the chains of certain perceptions, learn to soar. Get outside of your head and fly. You are afterall limitless. You are wisdom, clarity, and all things spiritual. Speak, seek, feel, and know your truth always.
Have a blessed day.

Decks used: Light Seer’s Tarot and Winged Enchantment Oracle

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Accurate! Being on a spiritual path as someone who always went straight for logic is very difficult. They say…

Stupid people are confident, and intelligent ones have questions.

Since I was a kid, I was that one when I finally started talking asking, “why” and “how”. I would watch science and history docs with my grampa. We’d banter about our beliefs and laugh about how some theories are widely insane.

Starting this journey as someone who whent straight to logic, I had to clear my slate clean and start off with knowing nothing at all. Even now, 5 years in, I get lost in my head with all sorts of possibilities just to understand why and how I’m on this journey.

Some times there is no reason. Not everything has to have some magical explanation behind it either. Somethings are because they are.

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