Some times there is no reason!

Not everything has to have some “magical” explanation behind it either. Somethings are because they are or because there is a lesson you’re about to learn, not because of something whimsical or mystical. Whatever that lesson is depends on you and your situation.

So you had a wonderful experience with someone. Holy fuck so did I like a million times! Lol 🤣….And you know, out of 10 experiences two actually proved OVER TIME to actually be something out of the ordinary! Just 2/10!

Please stop getting your heads wrapped in fantasy. In the real world, you’re not grounded and you’re not seeing people clearly. When you get all in the clouds, you’re missing key and important things about that person you swear to God you have a deep connection with.

You know, like red flags!

It’s great you have your heart on your sleeve. I get it and I’m saying these things because I’m 33 and have the life experience to tell you that you’re making a big mistake. You NEED to take a step back when you start feeling like there is something “special”.

Really look at this person:

Why do you think there is something special? You have things in common? Great, we all have things in common.

They are charming and chivalrous? A lot of men/women act that way just to use you. This is nothing special. Any man or women can be “magical” this way. It won’t be long before they do a bait and switch. Usually happens after you move in, go the next step or whatever that they do, so that it’s too late to leave because you got knocked up, you’d be homeless, you have abandonment and codependency issues, blah blah blah…

You both have the warm fuzzy feeling that something “special” is happening to both of you? Yeah thats called the Honeymoon phase. It can last days, weeks, months…depends on yours and thier mental heath.

Yeah! Those are some red flags.

You need to take a step back and look at yourself and them honestly. Stay grounded and please, just because you’re on a spiritual path doesnt make everything “special” and you certainly don’t need it in your life. If you do, that’s a mental health issue.

You don’t need a reason for every relationship you’re in. Sometimes it’s just a relationship. All relationships are special and all people have a purpose in our lives, which is to grow! Even bad people in your life. Without them you wouldn’t have learned something very valuable like; strength, perseverance, self-worth, assertion, self-care, independence.

Stay grounded and realistic!

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