I’m officially in a band!

The second vocalist in my bfs band left and I was brought on today which was funny because walking to the gym today, Erik asked if I would join a band if invited. I told him I wasn’t sure and I rather focus on things at the present time. Lol 🤣 I guess he was giving me the heads up.

The band name is Vaccuum Decay after the space oddity that can occur at any time and basically end all things. The theory is that several big bangs have occurred following a vacuum decay. I might be explaining it wrong because it’s 2am and tired but yeah thats the band.

We have a bunch of songs.

I have to work on the lyrics and work with Rick on writing, memorization, etc. He’s 1st vocals. I’m actually excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve had jammed with people but these guys are serious. Started with listening to one song and tomorrow I’ll grab the lyrics.

I feel this is a manifestation 😆

Well I mean just about everyday I do visualization exercises. I use our Astral home and the venue I built in the sims 4 game as aids. When I listen to music while working out, I go there with a long ass playlist of songs. It’s therapeutic. I like to believe these things are real but I’m way past that now. It doesn’t matter to me. The affects are what’s important.

I won’t be playing bass which is totally fine with me. It’s getting late and it’s time for bed. However since I’m back to actual performing with a band its more motivation to get fit and in shape again. Image is everything. Thats the way it is and I have to agree with that! The good part is I’ve lost 10 lbs since working out more frequently! 😊👏👏👏

😘💕 Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

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