I’m So Tired

I’ve done my part during the whole covid bullshit and it looks like we will be going back to square one. It frustrates me beyond to the point that I don’t give a fuck anymore. I have friends who refuse to get vaxxed or do thier part. I have a brother who thinks he’s invincible because he got covid 2x.

My dad and his wife got it and they were not okay. I know a few people who got it and they were fine. Those that were fine make believe its that way for everyone. They are fucking stupid. I can’t even explain to them that thier reasoning makes no sense when you take into consideration that everyone’s body chemistry is different. It’s a literal gamble.

I’m following what the real experts recommend. While most people go about thier fucking lives like they suddenly have doctorates and PHDs.

This is exhausting and I feel like giving up.

Not only has covid effected my mental health, it’s other things too. I already deal with depression and anxiety and today is one of those days I just don’t fucking care anymore. I’ll do the bare minimum and take my chances. Because fuck it. I’m so sick and tired of all of this shit.

I’m going to try to relax…

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