Life In Other Dimentions

I don’t talk about it much because to me it sort of sounds like a wild fantasy even though if seen a certain way, my whole experience could very well be one as well. Some things are difficult to take in and wrap my head around.

I didn’t ask for this shit. The psychic I talked to months before Erik’s suicide knew exactly what I was talking about. Before I made that call I had 4 dreams in four nights being with a guy. I am still not 100% sure it was Erik. I’m just trying to stay objective. I called him my long distance boyfriend, not at all thinking about Josh who I was only considering moving in with. The psychic apologized when he told me he’d be gone.

So yeah its not a walk in the park.

Since this journey I had to forget everything I knew or thought I knew. Started over on square one and basically alone. But if multiple dimensions exist and time isn’t linear, it may be possible that right now Erik and I are together and we have a family.

I travel in my dreams. Don’t ask me how I do it. It’s something I stumbled upon. Over a year ago I remember distinctly being with Erik aware I looked different, he took my hand. It was so bright. Bright white light with specs of rainbow coming from him. I remember his face. I must have had a look of confusion when I heard children laughing and playing behind him. He said they were our children. He smiled and it’s the same smile I’ve seen in my dreams so many times before.

I woke up immediately.

Finding myself on the futon we used in the living room before I had all the money to furnish our bedroom. The morning light blinded me coming from the sliding door behind a few blinds. I was so happy but when the realization set in, it made me very sad. In spite of that I have forced myself to commit to remembering that exact dream. I’ll always remember it. It was a beautiful dream.

So if it’s true, Erik did me a favor. He loved me enough to show me what I had missed and I had no idea I had. I’ve long time suspected I was missing them but didn’t want to think about it or try to make sense of it. Suppose now it kind of makes sense. Sure it makes me sad but I’m greatful that he’s done it. He somehow makes ways to surprise me in my dreams. I can’t complain about it. These dreams are the closest I’ll ever be to him where it feels real.

I just wish now he could take me away for good. I’m so fucking tired of this place.

😘💕 Good night loves!

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