Why the fuck does it matter if I want to get in shape?

Why is it that when people find out they can’t be supportive? Instead they tell me I look fine as I am. No, I’m not fine. I might look fine but my body is not fine.. my body is sick!! Before my workout routines I had high blood pressure. I’m still taking preventative meds to avoid diabetes, I still have pcos symptoms and my self-esteem is low because of all of that. I know what it’s like to be in shape. All of that stuff goes away! My pcos was in remission! Of course I want to eat healthy and exercise!

Since losing weight I’ve been feeling better. I was fit before and I want to get my body back but it’s very disappointing when people try to undermine my want for a better body. So the fuck what if I want to be fit.

Please stop telling people who are serious about thier weight loss that there is nothing wrong with them. You are not a dr! It does nothing but damage. It might make other people feel discouraged and it’s not fair to take thier goals away from them.

Aka…Don’t be a dick!

Update: So wow appearently some girls have an issue with making my own choices with MY body. Not once did I ever say anything about anyone specifically. I’m purely talking about my life an experiences. If you don’t care, then don’t read, respond or repost this entry.

So far I’ve not lost much weight since learning of someone dear to me pass away and a few other stressors. I’ve stopped eating a healthy diet and stopped going to the gym. Once the craziness of this moving from one place to another dies down, I’m going to try to get myself back on track. I’m just so overwhelmed and honestly upset that I’m somehow being “called out”. For….wanting to get rid of my health issues?

Gaslighting by acting as though my health issues don’t exist is hurtful. Like look up PCOS! It’s a terrible disease which I know can be managed with diet an exercise because I’ve seen it on myself. My periods have improved and to me that’s the most important! My periods are painful as fuck. If you don’t have issues like I have, then you’re goddamn lucky.

So yeah I’m a little bit shocked with the comments. I believe positivity should be about supporting people in whatever they do. It doesn’t matter if they choose to gain weight, lose weight or even stay the same. Idc what people choose to do with their bodies. I just want my health issues gone or mitigated because my health problems are real and painful.

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