We Go To The Mountains! ⛰ ❄ 🌨🏠

We are going to put down a reservation at the Mt Ranier National Park for Xmas weekend! 🥰 Hopefully the cabin we want won’t be taken by the time we can get the reservation. If not, it’s okay, we will find another. They all come with a hot tub. I can see us both nekked and 🥂 drinking. Rofl 🤣

We are going to get some acid and hike. He was talking about skiing. 🤣 I’m like:

Have fun, I’ll be inside getting drunk! 😊🍺

I don’t do any kind of sports. Was forced into it every lame ass summer. I’m too clumsy and nervous. So if he wants to skii, I’ll just watch drunk (and probably high) as fuck bundled up in like 5 layers of clothing. Erik doesn’t want me to be a stick in the mud. 🤣 I just think he gets a kick out of me falling on my ass like last winter on the hard as fuck snow.

Would be nice if we go to a resort to check out some eye candy.

That’s a vacation for me! Yes I have a boyfriend but I’m also human. My bf and I are secure in our relationship too. That’s what I really love. Things don’t get weird if I tell him I think someone is hot because at the end of the day, I’m with him. Besides I already have 2 men in my life. Its difficult enough I had one who is “dead” and one alive and they are very alike. My hands are full.

Maybe we should do this for new years…

Will have to see the availability when I get paid. This is very exciting! 🤩 I’m lucky to be able to take several vacations a year. We just got back from 2 weeks in Florida. We go back in April this time with my dad and that side of fam coming along.

😘💕 Stay safe, yall!

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