Odin is at it again in a slump.

He looks like hes had a rough day. We’ve been trying to feed him less because he’s overweight at 18 lbs. Maybe he’s tired of us “starving” him. He’s my baby though! I’m so glad to have him back. Poor baby must be hungry 😕.

Bet if I go to the fridge he’d perk up as usual. He’s so cute. He thinks every time I open the fridge it means it’s time for him to eat. He literally tries to drag his food out of the fridge. We had to move his food because Barry would magically get to it and it would be all over the floor. The other cat is a ninja. Meanwhile this one just wants to sit around and eat just like me!

In total, I’ve owned 8 cats and Odin is by far the laziest one I’ve seen so far. I can’t really get him to play. Other than being overweight, he’s healthy. He just needs to lose a few lbs.

I enjoy taking pictures of my baby like this. It reminds me even animals have some lazy days and just wanna be left alone.

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