He thinks my tattoo artist is hot 😵

I’m not the jealous type. Never really cared because there was never a reason I had to be worried. So Erik tested me by saying he thinks my friend is hot. Well if I was into that sure I could see what he means. I also want to twist Erik’s ear and make him tell me he’s not a peeping Tom. I’m only mad because she has a better body.

For now I’m still working hard at losing weight. I work out every other day or every day depending on what I have going on. I might work out after my tattoo appointment.

That’s right! She’s tattooing the rest of my sleeve!

I’m working on two sleeves, two on my back, two on each clavicle and a few on my legs. I won’t be completely covered. Just enough to be a walking flower garden. Since I can’t have a garden, I’ll be a walking mosaic of them. It’s only fair. Lol. I’m super excited because my girl is cool af. Younger but she’s been through some shit so I age her about 30. She’s a big time witch and I looooooove her bed room. It’s covered in Norse mythology. So is her body. She’s has Norse ancestry and she’s mixed race like me so I really like that.

I want to get:

Minha história não acabou

My story isn’t over (Portuguese English translation)

Somewhere on me but not sure when. Also thought maybe instead of Erik’s initials I’ll put the ♾ mark on my left ring finger. Thats the ring finger of the widow. I think that’s better. It’s a better compromise. My bf shouldn’t have a problem with that. Maybe some time later I can get the initials either above or below it. 🤷‍♀️ If you have a problem with it, you can see my assistant Ariel on my page in desktop mode and she will give you a clue.

😘💕Well I’ve got to get ready to meet up with my friend!

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