My “Meeting” With ETs

Not my first contact with them. I don’t mind channeling for myself because I feel comfortable and relaxed. I rather channel for others through tarot and oracle cards because it less stress on me to be “perfect”. So if you’re thinking of asking me to contact Aliens for you or actually anyone, please don’t. I don’t do free card readings anymore @the-stoned-priestess because I do readings on now using my cards and pendulum.

Okay so I sat in my room, calm or as calm as I can get, holding my pendulum. It starts and stops with them usually to mark the end of a sentence. With Erik it just keeps moving and I’ve learned with practice how to tell a sentence has begun or stopped. Every entity just about has a sort of “style”. Just like when people talk. Aliens, angels and even demons have a “signature” too. It’s usually energetic. I practice protection and use amulets. Also holding the intention of speaking to whatever is really the key.

We talking about the planet.

I didn’t want to get into anything deep just yet and they must have known because they didn’t mention the books I’ve been reading (authors like Paull Wallis, Zechariah Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken). Only acknowledged that I’ve been reading them so that I know they know. They understood my frustration with people and the heartbreaking things being done to the planet on the account of our greed.

I started crying because I remember fighting with the people who deployed me to earth before this incarnation. Turns out I’m not the only one who had this “memory” happen to them. Erik was there and he dragged me to that meeting. I was to help the planet. The Aliens told me last night that when we do what we love, we are raising the vibration of the planet. That’s how we help. I love performing on stage, singing, playing my instruments, reading cards for people and of course talking to Erik.

Before I knew anything about earth grids I saw them.

I believe this was in 2009 I had a dream of being with someone floating above the earth and I saw some grids. It was trying to be explained but I just couldn’t get it. For some reason that dream stuck with me. For a few nights I’d have this dream and this guy was there. These happened just months after I witnessed my chakras opening up. It was real trippy. Years would pass until I saw a YouTube video about this. My jaw dropped. It was about the sacred places on earth which were all connected in a grid.

I asked the Aliens if that guy in my dream was Erik. I knew but I wanted them to tell me. The pendulum moved slowly and deliberately. Suddenly I collapsed and just bawled as quietly as I could. Those dreams happened in spring 2009. Around the time I began searching for Erik again and right before I asked the psychic about him.

It’s not fair! Was what I kept thinking.

They were sympathetic and understanding that I couldn’t think straight or hold my pendulum still. Without my pendulum I can hear them but I was so emotional it was useless. I don’t always need my pendulum but I’m assured what I’m hearing it accurate with it. This was made possible by lots of practice. I sat in bed crying.

The Aliens acknowledge a lot. Idk why they do it but they use words like “we/I know” and “we/I see”. That’s what they say. They have seen what I’ve been through and see the strength I have. They know I’m capable of doing great things. It was getting late. They asked me to get some sleep and said they’d be watching my progress, that they will return another night.

Tonight I’m going to try to not drink too much.

Fridays and Saturdays I go to the sage. People buy me drinks and I’m not one to turn down free alcohol. Beer and whiskey! However if I want to be able to talk to them tonight (probably unlikely because bars are open until 2am now) then I’d have to be sober by the time I come back.

Actually realistically now that I’m thinking of it, it makes more sense to talk to them BEFORE I go out. No matter if I drink, it will be late and I’ll be way too tired. I just heard from Erik they won’t come back anyway. So I guess maybe Sunday is a better time. That makes sense. I’m just excited to talk to them again.

“Aliens come and go as they please.”

Yeah I guess that makes sense too. I need to be mentally sharp. It’s kind of a waste of time if I’m too busy thinking about performing or anything exciting. I won’tbe able to pay attention. It would be like last night again. A very short an unproductive conversation. Angels come whenever you ask them too 100%. You ask, they are there. Sometimes unannounced but they almost always let me know when they are leaving. I’m learning as I go here. It’s interesting seeing how each entity operates. Most other benevolent beings respect your boundaries. Reminds me I should talk to my granny.

This is just my experience by the way!

Just because I’m writing these things doesn’t mean this will be true for you. It might or might not. Please don’t make assumptions! I’m not a teacher, just a student. Always a student.

😘💕 Have a wonderful weekend!

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