I LOVE Cows!

Self-proclaimed Cow Girl…RIGHT HERE!

….Yeah this is my collection, omitting the cow Keychain from my bag.

This is a small collection because I never had the space for more but yeah. We brought these with us when we arrived from Florida. Obviously my favorite cow is the black and white one. 😍 I hardly saw these while I was in Texas. We lived close to farms in Connecticut and they had the black and white speckled cow there. They are so cute and adorable. I used to beg my mom to take me to pet and see the cows.

So when I was little I stopped drinking milk because when they showed us where milk came from, I thought: Ew basically white cow pee. No thank you! So since I was 11 I’ve not had too much milk and that’s how I became lactose intolerant. It would be years before I decided it was okay to drink milk with the proper medication. Still don’t like it as much as I used to BEFORE the moment of clarity happened.

When we first started talking, Erik asked me what the cows meant for me.

To me it symbolizes the simple things in life. Like when growing up, or when you are small, everything is just simple. At least for me, there wasn’t a lot of drama in my memory. I remember just playing all the time. It symbolizes the good times I’ve had with my siblings. We would create worlds and put on plays. Cows remind me of living in an area, everyone knew who you were, I could go anywhere even as a 7 or 8 year old because it was safe. We didn’t even have to lock our doors. Life was slow and quiet. I miss that town and the cows.

Fuck I’m getting all chocked up. 😭 Daaaaamnit fuck…

Anyway I will of course collect more of them when we move into a bigger place. I’m currently doing some of the legwork looking for an apartment. This place is just too small and it’s getting on my nerves. Lol 😆

😘💕 Have a wonderful day!

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