Sharing your story is very helpful in your healing but always be very careful when sharing your story, especially if you do it on Social Media that you are not feeding it straight into the arms of another Narcissist who will use it to draw you into their web.

Always be cautious of strangers trying to rush into rescue you.


I never take people like that seriously. They think they are helping but they are only concerned about thier ego. I’ve had this blog for over 5 years. Few people submitted asks with unsolicited “advice”. They sound like they have not read my blog or know anything about what I’m experiencing but just because it’s posted here, suddenly mean they have a fake license or feel this undesired urge to jump to conclusions, submit thier ignorance and further gaslight me.

If I never asked you for your “help”, don’t do it. Ask for permission before you start acting like some sort of pseudo savior. Save yourself first before you try pouncing on others.

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