By @mitya_hx

This is what happened when Barry followed me home the second time. Thought, of well it’s a free cat and he obviously wants a home

When we took him in he was hungry, thin but very playful and eager to please. He’s gotten fatter and he loves us.

My boy found our house and just never left. Those first two months cost us close to two grand with all the vet appointments. Wouldn’t trade it for the world though, he’s my sweetheart. Even with this expression…

Tell me about it! Lol

We are still paying the vet for Barry’s medications. He had ear mites, and still has an upper respiratory infection. We are at about 500 right now. If he can stay better, it would be great that way he can get his shots. He will be neutered in two days and it’s free so that’s good!

He’s hilarious! 🤣

He has almost a human face. I know a stray Russian Blue who is like that but they are creepy. Like horror film creepy. I’m afraid he will talk and say something crazy. It really scares me. But yours just looks angry like someone pissed in his dry food level kind of 😠 angry. I can deal with that over the creepy Russian Blue any day.

What’s ironic is its a free cat but the cost of getting it up to date on shots, wellness check and meds if there is something wrong and then of course buying its food and toys all add up.

Ugh, don’t get me started on the ear problems. His ears are constantly dirty! I think it’s because they are so big they’re like bowls for the dust and dirt to catch in. And he loves to go and roll around and lay outside, so they’re so much worse now than in the winter months.

I have to admit though, I don’t think I’d ever win the lottery, because he’s just so awesome. Never scratches, (avoids me when he’s playing); never bites (literally); loves love (when he wants it.. purrs); loves to get brushed (luxury and purrs); and he’s just so chatty with his high little voice! Only ew, was just before he was neutered, he was spraying near our front door and on my clothes (ew x2). But, his no fail smile inducer is the shoe lean. We’re convinced that he must be either my grandfather or uncle reincarnated, because he leans on his elbow like a human!

Even though they’re “free” and cost us hundreds (thousands), the happiness we draw from them makes them priceless. Can’t ask for more than that.

And yours looks as cuddly as my Gus. (Belly rubs ftw!)

Roflmao 🤣😭🤣😭🤣 I’m deaaaaad!

deadhead! Cracks me up. Omg what a face he has 😂!

Barry hasn’t marked yet but that Russian blue literally broke in our apartment window and Barry ran off probably scared of the Russan Blue and came back a few hours later. Thank God but he looked shaken up.

My theory is a cat who is a stray that is as friendly as they are must have belonged to someone previously. He’s like Barry in that he’s so friendly and eager to please. Barry learned his name in no time and he behaves like a dog so I’m feeling he must have belong to someone who had a dog. He also like being brushed, cradled, played with and he sleeps with us. We gave him a bell collar too but his neck is so fluffy you can’t see it.

Its sad when you come across a cat like that. People are so eager to toss a cat the moment they are inconvenient but will hold on to a dog like thier life depends on it. Even though he’s had medical problems I’d do anything to make sure he’s happy and safe. That Russian Blue keeps coming by to terrorize my baby so we keep a spray bottle by the window.

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