By @mitya_hx

This is what happened when Barry followed me home the second time. Thought, of well it’s a free cat and he obviously wants a home

When we took him in he was hungry, thin but very playful and eager to please. He’s gotten fatter and he loves us.

My boy found our house and just never left. Those first two months cost us close to two grand with all the vet appointments. Wouldn’t trade it for the world though, he’s my sweetheart. Even with this expression…

Tell me about it! Lol

We are still paying the vet for Barry’s medications. He had ear mites, and still has an upper respiratory infection. We are at about 500 right now. If he can stay better, it would be great that way he can get his shots. He will be neutered in two days and it’s free so that’s good!

He’s hilarious! 🤣

He has almost a human face. I know a stray Russian Blue who is like that but they are creepy. Like horror film creepy. I’m afraid he will talk and say something crazy. It really scares me. But yours just looks angry like someone pissed in his dry food level kind of 😠 angry. I can deal with that over the creepy Russian Blue any day.

What’s ironic is its a free cat but the cost of getting it up to date on shots, wellness check and meds if there is something wrong and then of course buying its food and toys all add up.

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