The quicker you respond to fear the quicker you move through it. Imagine. You are jumping into something new and its something you have wanted to do for a while. You have dreamed about it, fantasized over it and talked about doing it. Now it’s happening! Then right on schedule, you feel the fear rising. Then naturally your thoughts jump in to explain the energy. They start building stories and finding justifications for the concern.

“What if I fail?” “What if it doesn’t work out?” “What if this is a bad idea?” What if I am not good at this! I have never done this before!“ “Do I deserve this?” Your brain is doing its job. It is attempting to keep you safe. Imagine you are a caveman/woman and you are heading into an unknown area to hunt. Your brain and body do everything they need to do to keep you as safe as possible. That includes coming up with every likely scenario that you could encounter. It is trying to anticipate any issues before they arise.

In this example you are grateful for your brain, right? Well, it’s no different when you are trying anything for the first time. The brain is only doing its job. The problems arise when we take these thoughts, and we believe them. Its as if because we have had the thought, then it must be true. Out of the 60,000 thoughts a day that you have on average how many of them are true? You can allow your brain to do its job, but you don’t have to let these thoughts stop you. You can begin to use doubt as your ally rather than your enemy. Rather than doubting yourself and your capabilities, begin to doubt the thoughts that arise. See how your world will transform when you take this power back!

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