Toxic Positivity

No such thing as being too positive?!


To every side of every argument there is a good and bad side. Positivity is good but can also be bad! Even so bad that it doesn’t just hurt you but others as well!

It’s fine and dandy if you fill yourself up with Vegan food, yoga, meditations, uplifting affirmations and all that “gay shit”. But then there are people like one of my brothers who are positive to the point that having a debate is nearly impossible.

I don’t know how to describe toxic positivity.

Its something like…

  • Not having an oppinion afraid of upsetting anyone. Because inaction is action and it can be hurtful.
  • Refusing to see red flags in people or situations that could pose a threat.
  • Believing only God can cure and refuse the aid of medicines made by people who come from God too.

I had an argument with my younger brother and my twin brother refused to say anything. Instead, it caused a riff between me and both brothers. Inaction itself IS action.

Ugh I have it all in my head but I’m having difficulty translating it. Do I make sense?

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