This was my life in 2009-2012

I’m one of those people who can smoke a pack of cigarettes in a week or two (I smoked cloves since they smell good and didn’t stink up the house or stink me up) and drop them. I can go a week or years without smoking and literally forget about them. But I’m starting to think that I’m at a point where my body chemistry is changing so if I were to pick up smoking again, it would be harder to stop.

I smoke my CBD vape instead and I don’t smoke it everyday but it gives me the same chill. It’s been over a year since I bought a pack of cigarettes and I’m lucky to live in a state that it’s legal.

Since we will be on vacation in FL and it’s not legal I’m a little nervous about it. Because I’m on birth control, my bf wouldn’t let me buy a pack of Djarums. It can cause health problems like blood clots.

At least have klonopin so I’ll just deal with that instead.

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